Garcia roulette game method

Garcia Roulette system

The Garcia system is important to learn because it is easy to use and above all good performance, it is also useful to understand how it works and on which concepts the systems of the figures are based.

Garcia was a Spanish systems engineer who played on simple combinations and, as such, he was not given any consideration by the casino directors.

But he soon drew the attention of staff and the public to himself for the significant winnings he managed to achieve.

His game was confusing, it was clear that he adopted a progression, but with what criteria?

His bets, normally low, suddenly turned high and sometimes very high. It made life hard for many casinos, especially the Monte Carlo Casino.

Zographos Nicolas the number one in Baccarat

Nicolas Zographos was the number one of a clan of expert baccarat players, for a decade he monopolized the game in his favor in the gambling capitals, in Deauville, Cannes, Montecarlo. The mind of the group was the Greek Nico Zographos, endowed with an iron memory.

Zographos & C .: the other partners were Eli Eliopulo, François Andrè, Couyoumdjian and Vagliano. The Greek union held the bank for many years. Among the victims of the clan, famous personalities, including Henry de Rothschild, the Aga Khan and the former king of Egypt Faruk.

The big brain was Zographos, who broke Citroen’s kidneys in a historic baccarat game uae casino, Nicolas was able to remember all the cards of the game, and therefore to predict the progress of the last strokes.

The Greek union launched the tout-và: it held the bank and accepted bets without limits, plucking the chickens who craved the moment to teach the irresistible Zographos a lesson.

Charles Wells the man who blew up the bank in Monte Carlo

Charles Wells inspired a famous song, The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo. Wells was an English player who arrived at the Monte Carlo casino with ten thousand francs, in a few days he won a million, a few months later he returned and won another million francs, his reputation as a player went around the world.

But one day, Mister Wells, was caught cheating, and sentenced to heavy fines and imprisonment, died in poverty.

Its systems were analyzed and studied for a long time. Before he died, Wells candidly confessed that he had never used any system. It was just a colossal stroke of luck, it was not believed, and he took his secret with him to the grave.